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Rev. Lori Labelle

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Healing Touch Creations is undergoing a transformation... The business as of 12/31/11 has been closed.  The web site will be reopened under another at some point. I am unable to paint bowls at this time. I am also have no space to do energy work until the repairs are made to the house. Transformational Grace at DHMC  is still taking place and I will leave this site up because of that until the new site is up.

Thank you so much for your love and support during this last year of challenges. I am grateful.

Bless Your Hearts!


   What an incredibly expansive time this Age of Aquarius is, for all of us. Personally, and globally, we are remembering and awakening to all the limitless possibilities and opportunities that are within us. Our inner world is transforming and beginning to reflect in our outer world.

Arches National Park, UT

     At a time when our lives, our communities, and our world, are reflecting the conflict of changing and growing, of expanding, and remembering, we can choose to stand grounded in the truth of who we are and who we want to become, and allow that which is around us to reflect back to us, rather then the chaos of the process. It is our choice where to put our attention and, in that seemingly small insignificant act, add to the power of its manifestation.
     As we continue to transform all aspects of our world to reflect the expanding knowledge about ourselves and what we desire to create, we must remember to let go of the old patterns and conditionings that have held us where we have chosen to be, and can continue to do so.
     It is a time of transmutation and transformation, not necessarily healing. Healing implies, by its definition, that we are not whole but in need of being made so, which can be limiting in its expectation, as well as its manifestation. Transformation, on the other hand, by definition, means to change the character or condition of, and further still, to transmute, means to transform into a higher element. I have chosen to promote and use these empowering words rather than "healing". There is a reason for all, and our body will always point in the direction of self-healing by showing us where our disharmony needs to be transmuted. 
     So as our energies shift and focus away from an ego based society of separate beings and we transmute and transform to a higher consciousness where we are balanced, grounded, and fully aware of our connectedness and unity, we will instantly manifest, from our love, all that we desire. Love, health, abundance, and relationships will truly reflect the perfection we are, and are now understanding ourselves to be.


Healing Touch Creations is committed to the empowerment and choice of these opportunities of transformation and transmutation. Here you will find a safe haven and support to explore your choices in both transformation and expansion of consciousness. It is in service, that I offer myself as a channel of all that I AM and can BEcome, to you, and our planet, Mother Earth. With highest intention, in the sacred space that is established, may you choose and create for yourself what is in your highest and best good to experience.
Bless Your Heart!

Empowering Creative Transformation of Mind, Body, and Spirit
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