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Rev. Lori Labelle


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     Blessings! In this glorious time of being, I am Lori Labelle, born, raised, and educated in the beautiful Green Mountains of Vermont. In 1999 I began to awaken and become consiously aware of my spiritual path and reasons for being present on this beautiful planet at such a wonderous time.

     It was January of 1999 that proved to be the turning point. I went to my knees and asked God to please take me home, or put me into my life's purpose, right now, for surely I knew that life offered more then what I was creating for myself. It is an old cliche to,  "be careful what you ask for" and what happened next feels like a miraculous case of Divine Intervention.  Within two days of my request I had my aha moment and it was one that rocked my soul and created changes in my life. I am blessed that it was so gentle and did not take a near death experience to facilitate. It did however create a new life experience and from then on I have maintained the path of a modern day mystic, seeking, seeing, and experiencing the Divine in all.

  Within four months my life changed completely. I had my first vision and was led to take Reiki and Integrated Energy Therapy. Since then I have been a student of metaphysics studying sacred geometry and vibrational medicine, including sound healing. I bring all that I learn and remember not only to the sessons I faciliate but to my daily life. I continue to seek experiences which expand my consiousness and have come to trust and work intuitvely with all aspects of my life. In 2005, I decided to becoma a Reiki Master so that I could teach. In 2006, I became an ordained minister in the nondenominational Universal Life Church. This allows me the opportunity to share and create with those who wish to experience a sacred ceremony of their own choosing. I am not the same person I was back in 1999, in fact, I hardly recognize myself when I look back but I can appreciate that it took me through a journey of becoming who I am and choose to be.

I do have to admit that my most powerful experiences and advancements have been intuitve and through consistant expansion of my consciousness. I am grateful and appreciative that this is available to everyone who simply chooses and allows it.

Working with angels and my guides became an imporant part of my life's work. Not only in the healing sessions I was beginning to faciliate but in my world of crafting when I began to paint the Angel Message Bowls. What a blessing this co-creative outlet is for me. It grounds and uplifts me at the same time, and I observe in awe as they shift and evolve. Even more so, when one bowl finds its way to the person it is meant for, through synchronicity.It is a journey that is simply beautiful to witness. I am very grateful for the opportunitities I have chosen and been chosen to receive in this incredible earth experience.

    I have been so grateful for the opportunities I have been given to travel. My two most powerful journeys were solo road trips of 9,000 miles each, in which I witnessed truly how beautiful this planet and its people are. These journeys have been captured in a series of photographs I call Glimpses of an Ongoing Journey 2006,2007, and 2008.

The coming years are offering us an opportunity to change the way we have perceived ourselves and the world, and with that comes the challenge of creating who we want to be and the world we want to live in. Heaven can exist here on Earth we simply have to create it together. I look forward to that partnership.

Enjoy this life you have chosen, it may not be your last, but it can be one of your best.

Bless Your Hearts!



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