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Rev. Lori Labelle

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September, 2008
My experience in the gate was over whelming.
Lori did a fantastic job describing the gate and that we would know when it
was our time to go in.
I wasn't sure, until the 1st person went in and I felt the energy increase.
When that person was done, I was told ok get in there, and I said to myself
no way I'm not going next I want to see what others do, I want to feel it
more first, there was a really long pause because I was the one that should
have been in there.
Another person stepped into the center and the energy felt different to me and all of a sudden the tears just started to roll down my cheeks.
When that person was done I did go in, by that time I was really crying.
Crying for me is a release/healing.
It felt like warm loving arms (energy) around me saying go ahead and cry
it's ok.  Something like you do when you were a child and your mom would
hold you when you got hurt and was crying.

The next time I go in I'm going to see if I can get a few answers from my
guides, but if that's not what I need that is not what I'll get.
I believe that each experience happens for a reason, and that time I needed
to release some hurt vs seeing my guides.

I would love to be in or help in any gate that Lori does.
                                                                                      P.W. , Vermont
September, 2008

Ann writes in her blog of her experience in the Gate of Grace under Goddess Weekend Part 1 + 2, also see her before and after aura photos.

November 2008

In the Gate of Grace

If you've ever been in a space where warm, loving, invisible hands guide you; where healing on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual is the norm; and where you feel the absolute peace of oneness, then you have been in the Gate of Grace.


After carefully setting up the sacred geometry that forms the gate and setting the appropriate stones at each point, Lori Labelle completes her preparations, including divine protection and absolutely clear intentions, and we all join her.  She sings to call in the archangels and her voice, clearly charged by divine compulsion, brings you to a pique of emotional bliss.  Standing around the gate holding the energy is far from a passive experience; it is impossible to remain unaffected as each person enters the gate and has their moment in the divine focus.


The effect of being in the Gate of Grace is unique unto each.  To attempt to describe what happens could not begin to do justice to the knowingness and the profundity of the experience.  I doubt that it is possible to participate in the Gate of Grace and not feel permanently changed and blessed; clear and joyful.


Talk to your guides, your angels, your understanding of the Divine.  Ask them about the Gate of Grace.  If you are so guided, you will be so grateful.


Blessed Be,

C. H. F.,  Roswell, NM



November, 2009


I have been fortunate enough to get in the gate many times. My first time was a real rush. I stood in the center not knowing what to expect, didn't ask any questions, just went in with an open heart, ready for what I would receive. I felt like a rubber pretzel, I could feel my body bending, but I let go and let the angels work on me. I remember when I felt I was finished, I felt lighter, more at peace, my vibration seemed higher. It is hard to explain the exact feeling but those are the closest words I can think of.
Later I was told that one of the people holding the energy wanted to go in to catch me as I was leaning so far over he thought I was going to fall over, he gestured to Lori, and she gestured back to not do anything.
Another time when I went into another gate, I asked a question. I remember feeling as though work was being done on me, I remember swaying. then I remember just knowing the answer with certainty.  I felt at peace, even though I was crying from the answer. That was a very profound gate for me. My question was about my dad.
If you ever get a chance to go to the transformation gate, go -run to get there if you have to. It is a ride you will not forget.
Thank you Lori for all your wonderful work.
Love & Light
Lynn Marie Santy
Hypnosis for Change

Orb in Gate, December, 2007
Took this directly after I set up the Gate. Had I waited a bit longer there would have been more.

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