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Rev. Lori Labelle

Traveling Angel Project - sign in

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Traveling Angel Project - sign in
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Quartz angel

The Traveling Angel project was started February 5, 2006. Several days before I had purchased several angel pendants to add to my collection of angels. This angel in particular had a message to give me which was that I was to give her away to the first person who made a comment about her. I hesitated a minute because I had bought her to put with a couple other angels I have. At that moment, I realized my attachment and thought what a wonderful way to begin to practice unconditional love without being attached to the situation. When no one commented on her that first day I opened to that intent I got that she was to start with a friend of mine living on the opposite side of the country. So, off she went and I subsequently went off to purchase another one and start the chain of giving from this end of the country.
Below, and hopefully on subsequent pages I will list, as the information comes in where the angels are, who they are with, and when they got there. I hope to also post the wonderful stories and synchronicities that I know will happen, as they always do when love and Angels are involved. 
Below is a copy of the card that comes with each angel. If you receive one fo the angels and lose the card please email me below and I will be glad to mail one to you.
Below is a copy of the text of what is in the gift card that you receive with the Traveling Angel.
You have been gifted with the
 Traveling Angel.

Her objective is to show you how wonderful it is to give in unconditional Love and without judgement or attachment. By all means, enjoy her energy for as long as you choose. Then, one day wear her with the intent to pass her on with love to the first person who notices her. As you do pass on this card which tells her story.
There will be a web page at: Http://
that you can register your having received her. If you would like to send a picture of you wearing the Traveling Angel  or share a story of how you received her, or gave her away, please send to (no  i  in healing). Pictures and stories will be posted on a revolving schedule because of space restraints.
If you do not have a computer or access to one you can send your information by mail. A postcard will do. On it please have your name or initials, city and state, and the date you received her. You can also send a picture or story by mail also. Mail to:
Lori Labelle
Healing Touch Creations
P.O. Box 112
Wilder, VT 05088
I hope to over time have lots of angels traveling around out there and I hope you will enjoy sharing in the energy of what this can create.
This is the very First Traveling Angel.
She is a natural quartz angel.
Bless Your Heart!
NOTE: Please email stories of giving and receiving the Traveling Angels, or pictures of you with your Angel to :
All email addresses entered below during the registration are for the purpose of acknowledging registration and will not be given, or sold, to anyone.

Date Angel Received
Your Name
where you live
number of Angel
story or comment on receiving Angel

Traveling Angel #1( quartz)
1. 2/5/2006   C.C  in Colorado Springs, CO
Traveling Angel #2 ( sodalite)
1. 2/12/2006      L.M. in Bristol, NH
2. 6/15/2006   R.L.  Bristol, NH
Traveling Angel #3 ( quartz)
1. 4/25/2006     Crissy R. in Grand Blanc, MI
Traveling Angel #4 (quartz)
1. 7/17/2006    Susan R. Dahlonega,GA
2. 8/1/2006  Roger P.  Scottsdale, AZ 
Traveling Angel #5 (Rose Quartz)
1. 9/19/2006 Anon. Sedona, AZ
2.10/26/2006 I.C. Scottsdale, AZ
3. 11/17/2006 N.P. Scottsdale, AZ
Traveling Angel #6 (Rose Quartz)
1. 9/26/2006 V.C. N. Flag staff, AZ
Traveling Angel #7 ( Quartz)
1. 10/6/2006 Anon. Dyesburg, Tennesse
Traveling Angel #8 (Quartz)
1.  12/1/2006 Anon. Camp Verde, Az
Traveling Angel #12 (Quartz)
1. 11/15/07 L. Newman, Chester, NY
Traveling Angel #13 ( Rose Quartz)
1. 12/7/07 A.P. Rutland, VT
Traveling Angel #14 (Sodalite)
1.  11/2/08  Joy Violette Wolf, Black Mountain, NC


 Traveling Angel #15 (Quartz) 

1. 4/11/09 L. C. , Newport, NH

Traveling Angel #16 (Quartz)

1. 4/11/09 K.S. Concord, NH 


Story from traveling angel recipient....
Thanks for sharing
I was sitting registering people for a workshop at the Franciscan Renewel Center in Paradise Valley, Arizona. I had just completed checking someone in and I looked up and saw this angel. It was the most beautiful angel I had ever seen and she spoke to me!!!
Commenting about this angel, I looked at the woman who was standing before me. Taking it off, she said, "It's YOURS"! Protesting that I just thought it was a beautiful angel she went on to explain the "Traveling Angel".
This angel has brought me love, peace, serenity, and much joy. I wear her during the day and hold her in  my hand when I am sleeping. She is my constant companion.
Meanwhile she is quietly working miracles and has blessed the people with whom I have come in contact with and touched her.
I.C. Scottsdale,AZ
This beautiful blue sodalite angel came to me right after I had received a channeled message from the Archangels Gabrielle and Jophiel which included the recommendation that I wear the stones sodalite and amethyst to help with the spiritual work that I am doing at this time. I was attending an event in Atlanta, GA, and had the pleasure of sharing the experience with Lori. On the second day there, I saw the angel that Lori was wearing and admired it, and the next thing I knew it was hanging around my neck on its blue satin cord! It was truly sent by the angels! As much as I am treasuring this angelic gift for the time she is meant to be with me, I am also delightfully looking forward to that time when she will continue on her journey with another. What a wonderful concept. Blessings to all journeys...and, as we say here in NC....Namaste Y'all!

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